Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Have Seen the Mountains

As I flew into Guatemala City, I clung to the window, thirsty for what was beneath me on the other side. The clouds billowed toward the plane, revealing what stood below them. I gasped. Mountains. Mountains like I had never seen before. I was awestruck. I felt something well up from deep inside my stomach as I gazed at the handiwork of my Creator. How powerful. And who am I that He would care for me?

"When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is mankind that you are mindful of them, human beings that you care for them?"(Psalm 8:3-4 NIV)

I thought about the size and majesty of the mountains throughout the day. I thought about how incredible it would be to see a volcano or historic ruins. 

Tonight, as I sit here processing the past week and my first day in Guatemala, God is bringing some things into focus for me.
First of all, about my day: I am serving alongside a lovely, vivacious girl from New York named Emily. Her genuine love for people flows from her and touches everyone she's around. She is so open and welcoming to the people she meets. People are instantly softened and comforted by her presence as she takes time to hug on them and listen to them. 
We are staying at a seminary school that is currently only in use by a pastor and his family, who are functioning as our hosts. There are some extended family and a few children here, as well. The pastor is the only person that speaks a little English, so we all have perfect opportunities for sharing our languages each other. The whole family is beautiful. The children are so kind and curious and loving. 

All of the experiences and thoughts of the day came together at dinner tonight when our host asked me to pray before we ate. I was so honored. As we bowed our heads with one another, it all hit me.
Different backgrounds, different languages, different colors, different foods, different ways of life... All connected by one single commonality: Our Savior- Weaving our lives together and working in us and through us. To meet my brothers and sisters at this place was truly one of the greatest honors I have ever had.

It was then that I realized...

If I can sit down to a modest meal made with love and hospitality, at a table where not just cultures and foods are shared but where the love of brothers and sisters in Christ converge,
I have seen the mountains. 

If I can see the brokenness in this place,
I have seen the mountains. 

If I can see the reality and struggle and pain in this place,
I have seen the mountains. 

If I meet people whose lives and actions are devoted to Jesus,
I have seen the mountains. 

If the chains wrapping me in my own selfishness are broken,
I have seen the mountains. 

If I can love openly and embrace people that I don't even know and they become family,
I have seen the mountains. 

If I can see people understood through hugs and smiles and laughter rather than words,
I have seen the mountains. 

And if I have seen the mountains, I have seen Our Creator.

Thanks for the continued prayers and love, guys!

I send you so much love! 


  1. Brianna, enjoy basking in the beauty of The Lord. Soak up every ray to the core of your being! Holding the rope of prayer back here in the states!